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на 31 декабря 2015г.

Events in Republic of Komi

“Representations of the Republic of Komi in Moscow and St. Petersburg must constantly be in cooperation mode with all federal authorities. They should not only operatively provide regional ministries and agencies with proposals, but also help to prepare these proposals for further participation in all possible federal programs. This work will become more active during the state budget setting and will serve to render a maximum effect in using all means of attracting extra federal funding,” instructed the Acting Head of Komi the Government of Komi.
13.10.2015 14:33
The relevant point was raised today by Sergey Gaplikov during the visiting workshop held at the Regional Centre of Air Traffic Integrated System. The Centre supports dispatching of Russian and foreign flights transiting over the republic.
13.10.2015 13:25
Today the Acting Head of the Republic of Komi has inspected Syktyvkar airport complex and discussed prospects of further air links development with Komiaviatrans Company leadership.
09.10.2015 13:02
This was reported of today by Dmitry Fedin, the military commissar of the Republic of Komi to Sergey Gaplikov, the acting Head of the Republic of Komi.
06.10.2015 13:50
Head of the Republic of Komi visited the construction sites in Kochpon-Chit borough and Yaroslavskaya Street.
05.10.2015 11:11
Such an assessment was given by Sergei Gaplikov, the Acting Head of the Republic of Komi at the end of the workbench.
01.10.2015 16:00
The medical centre was opened today in Syktyvkar. The clinic was founded on the principles of public-private partnership between the Government of the Republic of Komi and Fesfarm Company.
29.09.2015 15:42
Regional experience should become the basis for the transition from an extensive to an intensive model of forest management in the Russian Federation. Republic of Komi will participate in the Concept implementation with a project of developing a model of intensive forestry in the Dvina-Vychegda taiga area.
29.09.2015 09:40
"We have decided not to transit from a three-year budget planning to annual planning similar to the federal budget. The three-year planning is the best option, assuming a stable vision of the situation in the three year perspective including entering into state and municipal contracts", said Vladimir Tukmakov, the Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Komi.
24.09.2015 19:09
This was announced by Vladimir Tukmakov, Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Komi at the closing ceremony of the Forum on Road Safety of the Barents region. The Forum took place in Syktyvkar on September 23-24 with the participation of Russian and foreign experts.


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