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Events in Republic of Komi

19.06.2015 15:56
Vice-President of JSC LUKOIL, Director General of LUKOIL-Komi Ltd. Alexander Leyfrid said that in the next ten years the company planned to invest about 400 billion rubles in the Republic of Komi in his report at the session of the Government of the Republic of Komi.
19.06.2015 10:37
The document was signed in St. Petersburg within the framework of the International Economic Forum. Document was signed by the Head of the Komi Republic Vyacheslav Gaizer and Vice Chairman of the Board Alexander Muranov.
17.06.2015 16:03
An appropriate statement was made by the Head of the Republic of Komi at a meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Strategic Partnership North-West, which consists of 11 regions and 42 major companies and business associations of the North-West Federal District (NWFD). The meeting dedicated to the actualization of socio-economic development strategy of the North-West Federal District until 2020 was held in St. Petersburg. It was chaired by plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the North-West Federal District Vladimir Bulavin.
16.06.2015 12:26
Vyacheslav Gaizer announced it during an inspection of the site in Seregovo village, Knyazhpogostsky district. "Today there is all of funds required to finish the work on the new sanatorium. The estimated costs are not subject to any adjustments "- the Head of the Republic of Komi said, emphasizing that to stop construction works at the existing level of readiness of the site would be a crime.
15.06.2015 16:33
The Head of the Republic of Komi instructed the Regional Government together with the Administration of Vorkuta to pick decent housing for doctors invited by the Ministry of Health of the republic to work in Vorkuta.
10.06.2015 12:16
Vladimir Barmashov, Minister of Economic Development of Komi reported to Vyacheslav Gaizer, the Head of the Republic on the implementation of the program for municipalities’ state support. RUR 6 mln from the republican budget have been appropriated to 13 municipalities as a new form of state support that is co-financing of municipalities’ expenditure to implement small projects in the field of entrepreneurship. Subsidies have been allocated under the Development of the Economy state program.
29.05.2015 13:03
While on a business trip in Priluzну District Vyacheslav Gaizer inspected the construction of a new kindergarten for 220 children in Obyachevo village. Due to the activities of the district administration the kindergarten construction being planned to start in 2015, has been postponed for the time being. The project total cost raised by more than RUR 75 mln. The financial audit revealed misuse of allocated funds. Over half of RUR 184 mln planned for the kindergarten construction was invested by the municipal administration to other purposes. RUR 176 mln is required to complete the kindergarten construction.
27.05.2015 12:32
This was reported by Anatoly Goncharov, First Deputy Chairman of the Komi Republican public organization of war, labor, armed forces and law enforcement agencies’ veterans (pensioners) to Tamara Nikolayeva, Deputy Government Chairperson of the Republic of Komi at the meeting of the Victory Fund steering committee. According to him, RUR 9,331,870 has been paid in the account Victory Fund in five months. Considering the additional revenues from the city and regional veterans’ councils the total fee amounts to RUR 20 mln.
25.05.2015 18:12
Currently, the server room and engineering infrastructure of the data centre are being prepared. There are plans to construct a fiber-optic "ring" around Ukhta and 10 points for photo and video registration of traffic violations. The project will reduce traffic accidents and death rate on the roads of Ukhta, as well as reduce the number of car thefts. This is confirmed by the successful experience of operating a similar system in Syktyvkar.
23.05.2015 13:53
"I am happy that today I can contribute my mite in this great affair and I urge all citizens of the republic to plant at least one tree in these spring days. It is a great pleasure to be in the open air and take part in this wonderful event, especially because the result is visible at once. And after some time, you can come and show children and grandchildren the forest planted by your own hands," said Vyacheslav Gaizer to reporters.


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