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Events in Republic of Komi

27.08.2015 14:59
Leonid Fedun, Director of FC Spartak Board of Directors supported the idea of Vyacheslav Gaizer, the Head of the Republic of Komi in inviting famous sportsmen to hold master-classes.
25.08.2015 14:17
Today Vyacheslav Gaizer has met in Syktyvkar with Sergey Mironov, the leader of A Just Russia party faction in the State Duma. Following the negotiations the faction leader told journalists about the readiness to take the republican project of developing a system of territorial public self-government as a model and distribute it on the federal level. The project has been successfully implemented in Komi.
19.08.2015 13:11
"This is a significant event not only in our region, but also in our country. This is the first Russian project implemented on the basis of public-private partnership in the field of stationary social services," said Vyacheslav Gaizer, the Head of the Republic of Komi at the boarding house opening.
18.08.2015 10:03
The contest is a monthly event being held in Domodedovo among air-harbour partners. In July 2015 Komiaviatrans’ opponents became such leading companies as S7 Airlines, Orenair, Izhavia, Aegean Airlines, Iberia and Etihad Airways.
12.08.2015 12:24
The first meeting of working group for the State Commission international cooperation was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Liliya Oparina, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Komi under the President of the Russian Federation also took part in this work.
10.08.2015 12:16
This was reported to Vyacheslav Gaizer, the Head of the Republic of Komi, by Song Lin, Deputy Director General of the department of foreign engineering of Poly Technologies Inc. during today’s working meeting. The goal of company delegation working trip is to confirm implementation opportunities of the Belkomur project participants. The Republic of Komi is the first region in the working program of Chinese delegation.
07.08.2015 17:52
The first Komiaviatrans Syktyvkar - Kirov - Naryan-Mar flight and the reverse flight on the same day will be executed on September 13 from the airport of the capital of the republic. This was announced today by Vyacheslav Gaizer, the Head of the Komi Republic at the end of the signing of the Protocol to the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Komi and the Nenets Autonomous District.
05.08.2015 10:55
The prospects of the university regional affiliation development have been discussed between Vyacheslav Gaizer, the Head of the Republic of Komi and Yuri Belenky, the new rector of Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical University. The parties have agreed to promote joint work in the professional training of future forest industry employees. Vladimir Sharkov, the Minister of Education and Valentina Zhideleva, the Director of Syktyvkar Forest Institute also took part in the meeting.
04.08.2015 10:13
This was reported by Alexei Startsev, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the region. The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Komi has made a placement of six-year loan with RUR 5 bln of half-year coupon payment on Moscow Stock Exchange. The nominal value is RUR 1,000 per bond.
20.07.2015 16:47
This was reported to Vyacheslav Gaizer, the Head of the Republic of Komi, by Alexander Ponomaryov, Director General of JSC Komiaviatrans regional air company after a meeting with applicants. Young people were enrolled this year in civil aviation colleges on state-financed places according to the company admission.


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